Momoi joins the jury for Pingyao International Film Fest

Momoi was invited to jury in the first ever Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival that has been organized by director Jia Zhang-ke and former Venice Film Festival director Marco Muller. Their hope is to make the festival the ‘Sundance Film Festival’ of China, where many independent and […]

La Habitacion Premieres in Mexico City

La Habitacion (Tales of Mexico) premiered in Mexico City at the end of October 2017 and received very impressive reviews. Momoi stars in a main role in one of the episodes of this omnibus film. The film is slated to open in Europe and North America in the new year.

San Francisco Film Festival to Honor Kaori Momoi

The SanFrancisco Japan Film Festival will be honoring Momoi with the International Achievement in Film award at this year’s festival which takes place from September 1 through September 10th. Momoi latest directorial film ‘Hee’ will also be shown during the festival. Pam Grady has published an excellent article about Momoi […]

Japan Times article on Magic Kimono

The Japan Times has published an article on Issey Ogata and his experiences working with Momoi and the rest of the cast and crew for ‘Magic Kimono’. Quite an interesting read- you can find the article here.

Magic Kimono to show at Eurospace Tokyo from June 24th

Director Maris Martinsons’ film ‘Magic Kimono’ (Futari no Tabiji) will open at Eurospace Tokyo on June 24, 2017.  The film featuring Kaori Momoi and Issey Ogata in the first coproduction film between Japan and the Baltics. Momoi stars as a woman living a sheltered existence since losing her daughter and […]

Japan Premiere of ‘Ghost in the Shell’

The Japan Premiere of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ was held in Tokyo on April 17, 2017 which much fanfare and excitement. Actress Scarlett Johansson joined Kaori Momoi and the other actors for a memorable celebration on the film. Momoi’s scenes with Johansson have been hailed as the most poignant scenes […]

‘Greater Things’ festival highlights for 2016

Director Vahid Hakimzadeh film ‘Greater Things’ has received a lot of attention at Film Festivals during 2016. Here is a round-up of some of the highlights from the tour. Momoi was thrilled to be a part of such an interesting experimentation in film. – Chicago International Film Festival (In Competition, […]